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The Gate of Souls

The Gate of Souls system is my effort to merge the flexibility of the basic White Wolf WoD system with the atmosphere and mystery of a high fantasy setting. Allowing players to create varied and complex characters unavailable in the standard D&D template while maintaining the feeling of exotic remove that can make these games so compelling. It is my goal to open up a world with a complex background mythos that is introduced to the players as they grow and develop their characters, gaining insight into the world as their characters become able to learn the deeper mysteries and powers available. Following, you will find documents detailing various aspects of the world, from the basics of character creation to the terminology of the setting and some of the core concepts of magic and history. I’ve had a fun time creating this world, and hopefully I will be able to provide those of you who wish to play a fun time living in it.


Glossary: Commonly used terms of the world.

Commentaries: A series of comments from the point of view of various inhabitants of the world, regarding many subjects.

History: The history of the world, as well as it is currently known to historians of the modern era.

The Planes: The cosmology of the Gate of Souls setting.

Aspects: Facets of the universe that carry both physical and metaphorical forms.

Characters: The modified rules for character creation, based on the basic rules in the WoD corebook.

Heroic Template

The Kindred Races: The available races for player characters.

Attunement Theory: The basics of the aspects, their effects and associations.


Attunements: The main power sets of the game.

Soul Marks: Arcane benefits of Being

Ritual Magic: A summary of ritual design, descriptions of the limits of available rituals, and a few example abilities.

Alchemy: The secrets of refining essences, the very substance of the Aspects.

Domain Play: Rules for controlling lands and organizations.

Campaign: Information specific to our current chronicle.

Cru’Matale: the subcontinent on which the game is set.

Deities: A brief overview of religion in the area.

In many ways this game is still a work in progress, and I have not reliably recorded every thought or rule I’ve had regarding it. If any of the information here is unclear, or you simply want a more detailed account let me know.

Main Page

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