Heroic Template

The character creation for the Gate of Souls game in large part follows the standard nWoD character creation system. There are some changes that need to be made, to reflect both the technology level and the fantasy element.

Abilities: Several abilities are altered due to the setting, following is the list of which ones are affected.

Computer-Alchemy: There are no computers in the Gate of Souls universe. This skill is replaced with the alchemy skill, which is the practice of refining essences from various substances for use in potions and devices. For example, fire essence could be refined from volcanic glass, enabling a character to produce explosive grenades. Firearms are impossible to create using alchemy due to the unstable and semi-aware nature of refined essences. Unless completely contained the energy produced will actively work to destroy anything that limits it’s release, and possibly even to turn against the closest living being rather than obeying the more traditional laws of physics. This ability covers the actual practices of refining and combining essences, but a good alchemist also possesses knowledge of the occult, the natural world (science and survival), and the basics of crafting the apparatus and specialized containers they need. This allows them to more easily determine what substances can be refined, and to set up a basic lab when they find themselves without proper facilities.

Medicine: This skill includes the most effective ways to utilize the potions created through alchemy, as well as the more standard methods. Through magical and alchemical means facilities can be created that are as efficient as any modern hospital, though they are far more rare.

Occult: More of a trade skill in this universe, knowledge of the occult is the practical understanding of ritual magic, outlandish creatures like spirits and demons, and covers the theory behind what types of substances can be refined for essences.

Science: This skill is different only in that much of what we take for granted as scientific fact in the modern day is mutable in the world of this game. Science includes the very practical matters of engineering and geology, which are often highly valued as well. Although in some other cultures this type of knowledge is considered unreliable at best, and evil at worst. This suspicion comes from the fact that the elements will often reach out to punish those who take them too much for granted.

Drive-Ride: The ability to guide riding animals such as horses, camels, or giant lizards. When combined with the appropriate merits this skill is also used to control boats, carraiges, or more arcane means of transportation.

Firearms-Archery: This skill governs the user of bows, crossbows, and slings. Often alchemists will create small explosives that can make these last especially deadly.

Languages: Because of the nature of the Gate of Souls universe, it is far more expected and common for the average Kin to learn a number of different languages. All characters automatically know their ‘local’ language, either based on their race or region. In addition a character knows a number of additional languages equal to their Intelligence + Academics. This means that at minimum every character has at least one language they are able to choose freely. The ‘common’ language that is used most often in the universe for trading is the racial human language, the same language as the lost empire of Palis. More languages can be acquired by raising these stats, or by purchasing them as a two point merit. A character need not choose all of their languages immediately, but they may also not ‘spontaneously’ learn a new language through one of their open slots. Such later learning requires at least some time and appropriate tutelage, though not any additional experience point expenditure.

Merits: The character may not take any merits that apply specifically to modern technology. However, if you want a merit that might be adapted to fit the setting I would encourage you to bring it to my attention and we can try and work out the details. The corebook and armory book are acceptable sources, with a few alterations to fit the theme of the game.

The Heroic Template

Applied during the Template phase of character creation, this represents the traits of a player character in the Gate of Souls. Heroic characters are those with powers above the average citizen, represented by their Being score and Attunements.

Race: A character receives one free dot in their race’s favored attribute, after assigning the standard attributes. However the limit of 5 dots in an attribute still applies. Non-heroic characters still possess a race, however they do not receive the racial bonuses. A character’s race also determines one of their favored Attunements (see below).

Morality: This stat is not used in the Gate of Souls game.

Being: The measure of a character’s power, the being score measures how strongly the character exemplifies their ideals. This does not always indicate a person of strong will, or one who intentionally holds to a code of behavior however. All characters begin with a Being score of one.

Attunements: Supernatural powers of the character. Each character begins with three favored Attunements, the first being racial Paragon Attunement. The other two favored Attunements can be chosen freely based on character concept, as discussed on the Attunement Page. A character also begins with three dots to distribute among their favored Attunements.

Storyline: Characters may receive up to 10 bonus xp as a reward for an engaging and relevant backstory, granted by twos. So, for the detail and pure interest value of your story you can earn from 2-6 experience points. This is things like how you grew up, what your character’s motivations are, how you appear, and how you relate to others. The other two or four points is awarded for potential plot lines based around your character, old debts owed, intense long-term goals, family that might become a problem for you or your companions. In addition, any stories based off of a character’s background will grant that character extra experince as well. None of this is required, but I like to give a nice incentive for detailed and complex characters that you can get into and run with. If you have some general ideas but need help refining them, getting down to specifics, I’ll be happy to give you a hand. Many of the details of the region are still left undefined, and available to be played with. Which is not to say that I’ll let you make your own setting elements from whole cloth, but if you want to be indebted to a powerful mage who is also the head of a crime syndicate then I can see about creating such an npc, tied into my already established characters.

Heroic Template

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