Following are a number of different terms used in the Gate of Souls setting to describe various concepts. These terms are usually fairly widely recognized as universal within a culture or language, and most cultures will use most or all of these terms as a matter of common knowledge.

Abomination: Any creature that loses it’s essential nature, it’s soul if you will, to a singular and one dimensional desire. Entire races of abominations sometimes spring up, such as the goblin clans of the deep, but often abominations are solitary mutated beings. Most common among the kin, any creature that thinks has the ability to become an abomination, and they often try to create more of their own kind. Demons are known to delight in destroying a being’s soul, and consider driving kin or beast into becoming an abomination a high art.

Archon: A being who can channel the power of an Aspect. Not to be confused with an elemental, a being who is completely subsumed by an Aspect. Any thinking being can in theory become an Archon, although some types are more suited than others.

Aspect: The basic forces of the world, with both a tangible and metaphorical significance. There are ten common aspects; air, earth, fire, water, light, shadow, blood, bone, animal, and plant.

Attunement Theory: The supernatural capabilities of heroic characters and beings in the Gate of Souls universe.

Channeler: Sometimes referred to as priests or paladins, though not all priests are Channelers and not all Channelers are associated with a particular religion. Mystics who can call directly on the power of their chosen deity, or an otherwise distant and idealized purpose.

Demon: Creatures from the Hells, demons are intelligent but extremely single-minded creatures that delight in the sin and degradation of mankind, and their exact origin is unknown.

Dreaming Sea; the: Both a physical place and a spiritual one, the Dreaming Sea exists in the unconscious minds of all thinking creatures, occasionally touching the physical world and allowing passage between them. Ephemeral creatures come from the Dreaming sea demons and fey spirits alike, and they cannot exist in the physical world for long without some form of support such as the feywild or a familiar pact.

Dreamwalkers: Mystics who can call upon the powers of the Dreaming Sea, and practice the arts of Oneiromancy.

Elemental: A creature that has become subsumed by an Aspect, or an embodiment of an Aspect that has gained a modicum of thought and motivation. Elementals vary wildly in their mental capacities, but their motivations are always inhuman.

Fey spirit: Creatures of whimsy and thought, fey spirits (or just spirits) are embodiments of emotions or ideas that have gained a life of their own. They include the embodiments of literally any concept that can be thought. Sometimes the lines between abomination, beast, and fey spirit can blur as the Kin envision animals that represent concepts in their mythos. Examples include the Unicorn or Pegasus. Creatures that blur the line too much, that gain too much of their Being from the Dreaming Sea become dependent on it to survive, and cannot live without a feywild.

Feywild: A verge between the physical world and the Dreaming Sea. These spiritual areas are often feared or revered, and fey spirits can exist in the physical world here due to that link.

Kin: A member of the kindred races.

Kindred races; the: The nine humanoid races that have maintained their souls through the breaking, maintaining their essential natures.

Mystic: One who uses the ephemeral powers of Channeling, Dreamwalking, and Summoning. Most often these are referred to by their individual names, or some variation thereof. Only academic scholars really see similarities between these groups.

Outsiders: The entities that exist beyond the Unformed, unknowable and unable to survive in the world as the kin know it without a properly prepared vessel. These are some of the most dangerous beings it is possible to encounter.

Paragon: Exemplars of natural ability, Paragons are the best of the best, their innate abilities honed to supernatural perfection. Paragon Attunements are those that enhance the character’s attributes.

Summoners: Also known as warlocks, summoners are those who can call upon demonic powers and entities without ritual magic.

Unformed Lands; the: The areas of the world that are not fixed in the minds of thinking beings, the Unformed (also known as the Unformed Lands) are constantly in flux. While trained pathfinders can use this fluidity to travel to distant places far more quickly than they should be able to, that same fluidity is a danger even to those experienced in walking such paths.


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