Generic Attunement Rules

This page is for reference when creating a custom Aspect Attunement, and for my reference in fleshing out the other Attunements here. These generic rules most often apply to only the simplest applications of powers, and in some cases may be inappropriate.

• The character gains special senses related to their Attunement, assessing it’s strength/status/composition within a radius equal to their Attunement + Being in yards.

The character receives a defensive bonus from their Attunement, either to the defense stat or to armor. They receive an additional defense related to the nature of their Aspect.

• • The character can manipulate their Aspect, altering it’s shape and motion with a total volume of effect equal to their Attunement + Being. These changes cannot alter the fundamental nature of the thing they are manipulating, and are not strong or fast enough to inflict direct damage in combat. Changes are permanent where possible, a liquid or gas cannot be bound to a permanent shape, light or darkness cannot be made permanent in an area. Use the character’s Attunement score as the Aspect’s effective Strength.

• • • The character may create manifestations of their Aspect, with a total volume equal to their Attunement + Being in cubic yards. Such manifestations may be manipulated with force and speed. Use the character’s Strength + Attunement as the manifestation’s effective strength. Fine control is still limited.

By creating and manipulating their aspect in combat, the character may add their Attunement score to attack rolls, as well as applying an additional bonus effect. They may also attack directly with their Aspect, rolling Attribute + Attunement + Being. Some aspects may allow for internal attacks, destroying a subject from the inside out. In such cases the subject automatically subtracts Resistance + Being from the roll. Stamina is the most common resistance used, but others might apply, and an Attribute Attunement treats this as a power manipulation roll.

• • • • The Archon may generate area effects, such effects can be aimed but cannot differentiate between friend and foe within their area of effect. The area covered is equal to the Archon’s Attunement + Being in yards radius for a sphere. Or twice that distance for the length of a cone that is 45 degrees or less. Should the Archon wish they may create a ‘line’ instead, a straight path up to 6’ wide and traveling as far as a cone. Rolls for area of effect attacks are Stamina + Attunement + Being, resisted as per explosives.

Manifestations may be made permanent, at the rate of Attunement + Being in cubic feet per round.

With concentration the Aspect responds as well as the character’s own body, allowing for the use of skills freely though the manipulated element, including wielding weapons. Attacks or other actions performed in this fashion utilize all of their ordinary rolls, though this roll counts as a power manipulation roll for the purposes of Attribute Attunements and some maneuvers from combat styles may not be possible. In addition the character is still limited by their own perspective, so using a ranged weapon from a distance, or performing fine manipulation at the edge of one’s vision may be difficult to impossible.

• • • • • The Archon may now become one with their element. This power is more varied, and usually involves a transformation power that increases defensive capabilities dramatically, while doubling the volume of an Aspect that can be manipulated. It will usually also involve more inherent benefits to the character, as they become a living conduit of their Aspect.

Generic Attunement Rules

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