Domain Play

Domain Play is an adaptation from the Birthright system, intended to allow players to control or influence events at a large scale. This system is designed around the control of an entire nation, or the significant organizations within. Actions at the domain level occur over the course of months, and the resources produced and consumed at this level are beyond what the common peasant would even dream of seeing in their lifetimes.

The term domain refers to organized political structures and their chains of command, that culminate with a single character. These can take many forms, including guilds, churches, governments, or any other large and organized body of intelligent beings. Provinces are physical land, and any domain that includes a province is called a realm. Holdings represent an organized power base, and the places, people, and things that support it. Provinces and holdings are ranked in power from one to ten, representing how lucrative, productive, and powerful they are. The types of holdings are law, guild, philosophy, and arcane. Those who control a domain are known as regents, and a regent who controls a province is called a lord. Those are game terms, not world terms, so an individual lord or regent may refer to themselves as one of any number of local titles.

Domains and Their Resources

Domain Action Overview

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Domain Play

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