Channelers call upon the strength of ideals to sustain them. Often said the draw power from the lands of the Gods, or some other realm too rarefied for mere mortals to find in the flesh, Channelers are generally given an automatic measure of respect. An unpleasant truth that many fail to realize, is that an ideal is not defined as something that is good or productive, but simply as motivation that extends beyond personal gratification. Cruelty for it’s own sake is an ideal as much as compassion, and Channelers are nothing if not the purest expression of their philosophy. While Channeling might seem a natural fit for pure believers, and indeed the Attunement is associated with the Eidolon race, a Channeler need not even believe in the ideology they manifest. Far more important to the attunement than belief, is the purity of mind and purpose.

Channelers have the ability to manifest the power of their chosen deity or ideal, gaining abilities in line with those themes. As most deities or ideals can have a broad base this is a potentially hugely versatile ability, but these powers can actually turn against the wielder if misused. Going against the ideal or purpose to which a Channeler adheres causes not only the loss of their ability, but for the forces of the universe to twist against them. (no mechanics defined, but think Job style afflictions and misfortune until the Channeler fixes their internal conflicts)

• The Channeler finds themselves drawn to where they are needed, this takes the form of chance encounters or impulsive urges, and such premonitions can be identified (if not immediately obvious) with a composure + empathy roll (search your feelings Luke). By spending a willpower point the character may gain the 9 again rule for an appropriate dice pool for a scene. Generally this is a standard attribute + ability but it could be centered around an action rather than specific stats. For example a Channeler could apply the ability to all stamina + athletics rolls or to all rolls related directly to fleeing a collapsing cave. Regardless of how the ability is defined it must be related in some way to the Channeler’s ideal.

• • By spending a willpower the character may lay a minor curse on someone. Such curses can be only vaguely defined by the one casting them and can vary from a single terrible setback to a persistent psychological torment. “May the victims of your wrongdoing be your downfall” might cause the subject to suffer horrendous nightmares where he relives his victims’ deaths over and over again, or might cause their spirits to rise up and assault him for one night. Casting a curse on someone that does not actually deserve it causes the curse to rebound. And even an appropriately laid curse carries a price related to the effect. In the previous example, the Channeler may also have to experience those horrific dreams, though as an observer instead of the victim. Depending on how the curse takes effect they may last as long as a year and a day, and the Channeler may only maintain as many curses as their Resolve + Being. Another use of this power allows the character to lay a blessing upon a person, but the subject must not only need the blessing, but also truly deserve it. Much like curses blessings cannot be completely defined by the character, and can be either immediately dramatic or persistent. The scale of the effect is related to the sin (or good works) of the subject, and curses can be mitigated by the personal power or faith of the subject.

• • • Answering prayers is a traditional function of the gods, and often their intervention is obscured and unclear. When obtaining this level of power the Channeler can take matters into their own hands, finding those in need and dedicating themselves to serving that need. If the character takes the time to meditate on their purpose (standard meditation roll, successes are not required but reduce the time it takes), they may sense those who both need and are seeking aid according to the character’s purpose. This does not need to be a literal prayer, but the subject must want help and believe that it can be given. After encountering such a person the Channeler may spend a willpower point to attune themselves to this person’s need. Any dice rolls the character then makes that are directly related to fulfilling that need gain the 9 again rule, but any dice rolls that are not related to it in any way lose the 10 again rule. This power persists until the prayer is fulfilled, or the character has clearly failed in it. The character may only be attuned to one prayer at a time, and failing to complete a prayer once attuned brings a curse down on the Channeler.

• • • • Now able to become a living avatar of their ideal the character can gain a massive bonus to their capabilities for a scene. Boosting all their dice rolls by their Channeling score, and gaining the 9 again rule for every roll they make. In addition the character inflicts aggravated damage on the enemies of their ideal. However, the price for this power is severe. While Avatar is active the character must pursue the goals of their ideal to the exclusion of all else, with every action that they take. How to pursue these goals is open to interpretation, however if the storyteller feels that the character is acting outside their chosen domain they may require the character to change their actions. Subtlety is not normally the hallmark of the divine either (unless) one is speaking of a trickster god or devotion to the principles of yin or some other inherently surreptitious concept, so the mantle manifests in some truly spectacular fashion, and the actions taken are most often a direct path rather than some complicated machination. A Channeler in the avatar state might knock down the gate to a castle, or command the gatekeepers to let the through, or leap over the wall, but very seldom would they search around the side for the servants entrance and then dress up in livery to pass through. This power may be extended for several scenes by continuing to expend willpower. When the avatar state ends the character collapses, becoming comatose for an equal number of scenes, and limiting their dice pools to a maximum of Channeling + Being for the same number of days.

• • • • • Greater curses and blessings are now within the reach of the character. Such powerful workings can affect entire cities and organizations. In addition the Channeler can expend a willpower dot to render a curse permanent.


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