This page can be a resource for explaining exactly how the Attunements interact, and how they interact with mundane equipment as well. It should include the following sections

Attack Bonuses

Attack bonuses come from many different sources in the Gate of Souls universe. Typically an attack will follow one of the following formula:

Total attribute sum + Skill + Power bonus + Equipment bonus + total Miscellaneous modifiers

Total attribute sum + Power bonus + Being + Equipment bonus + total Miscellaneous modifiers

When in doubt, bonuses of the same kind are mutually exclusive, as are any special effects they provide. However, see the special notes on Attribute and Miscellaneous bonuses below. Equipment bonuses usually take the form of weapons, or artifacts designed specifically to enhance purely magical attacks.

Defensive Bonuses

As with attack bonuses, defensive bonuses from a given source are generally mutually exclusive. A standard set of defenses is as follows Equipment bonuses to armor and defense will generally be mutually exclusive. This is to ensure that there may be a gap between defensive traits and attack. In addition, a defensive equipment bonus may not be enhanced by taking a full defensive action. In any given round a character may choose which Archon defensive bonus they are able to use, and in the case of magical equipment it may be possible for them to determine the exact traits applied there as well.

Defense + Equipment (armor) + Equipment (defense) + Power bonus

Stat Bonuses

With Animal, Dreamwalking, and Summoning Attunements allowing the addition of stats this has the potential to increase a characters stats to extraordinary amounts. To balance this potential there is a hard limit on the total level that any given Attribute can achieve. Including natural Attributes, Attribute Attunements, and the total sum of Attribute points gained from any other source; an attribute is limited to twice the character maximum potential in the base attribute. This means that a character with a Being score of one to five, is limited to a total of ten in an attribute, and a character with a Being score of 6 or more is limited to twice their Being. The character may opt to ‘sacrifice’ such attributes for exceptional bonuses to secondary characteristics, twice what that attribute would normally provide. Some examples of such secondary attributes include health levels, willpower, speed, or a bonus to effects such as jumping or throwing that calculate their distances based off of character stats.

Defense and armor may not be increased in this fashion.

Miscellaneous bonuses

Channeling, Dreamwalking, and Resolve Attunements can all add situational modifiers that can stack even further on top of other modifiers. Their biggest limitations are that they are situational, and have fairly significant downsides. I don’t currently believe that these bonuses need to be modified further, as they already have significant downsides.


A system that would allow for powers to simply grant levels of ‘Regeneration’ would make the interactions of some powers much easier. Potentially affected powers are Stamina, Blood, and Summoning Attunements as well as demonic and spirit traits and abomination natural abilities.

Combining Attunements

I keep circling around this one, but the ability to combine the special properties of different Archon Attunements to attack still needs to be addressed, I had it as a ritual but I am thinking about allowing combined powers as an option for Soul Marks. This would allow for entire Attunements that combine aspects of Attunements the character already possesses. In concept I don’t know that I see a problem with it, as the mechanics would probably be only the equivalent of any other soul mark, but I need to think about and plot out some examples.


When an Archon or Mystic is in the Plane that is associated with their Attunement, they obtain special benefits. In such a place the Archon is able to directly manipulate and shape the creatures and landscape that fall under their purview. The seeming substance of things can be altered, the nature of creatures fundamentally shifted. However, the price for such control is the resentment it generates among the inhabitants of the realm. In game terms the Archon may make a power manipulation roll to affect inanimate objects, If the object appears to be made of another substance the Archon uses the rules of that Attunement to determine effect. For example, the ground in the shadow realm is still made of shadow, but because it appears as earth the shadow Archon may manipulate it as if they had an Earth Attunement equal to their actual Shadow Attunement. Powers that do not normally allow for direct bonuses to attack do allow those bonuses in their respective Planes, Shadow and Light become tangible in their realms, while the Unformed Lands allow the spontaneous generation of creatures to the Animal Attunement (though these animals cannot be made permanent. Dreamwalking and Summoning allow the Mystic to manipulate their local environs in the Dreaming Sea or Hells for similar effects. These effects do not allow a power to grant a defensive bonus when they wouldn’t ordinarily, and they do not allow a character to stack offensive power bonuses from multiple sources.

To shape beings that possess consciousness, the Archon must have a Being score that is higher than that of their target. They may then make a resisted Power + Attunement + Being roll to weaken the nature of the creature, followed by a Resistance + Attunement + Being roll to reshape it. Such actions can never change the most basic nature of a creature, an animal is still an animal, an elemental is still of that element, but the details can be shifted with appropriate skill rolls to guide the transformation. The more complex or fundamental the shift is, the more difficult the roll.

Using these types of shaping alerts creatures in the nearby environment, for inanimate objects the alert travels across line of sight, that is the reshaping acts like a beacon to any creature that might see it. For terrain, the alert covers a radius that is ten times the size of the change. And for creatures the Radius of alert is the Being (or equivalent) of the target squared in miles. Because distance in many of the planes is fluid, the exact extent of this alert is difficult to predict with certainty.

Attunement Types


Physical Mental Social
Power Strength Intelligence Presence
Finesse Dexterity Wits Manipulation
Resistance Stamina Resolve Composure


Light Shadow
Fire Water
Blood Bone
Animal Plant






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