Attunement Theory

The defining characteristic of a heroic character in the Gate of Souls universe is their access to the powers of the Attunements through their Being. While not all heroic characters develop Attunements, the vast majority do, and even those that choose not to develop their powers have the capacity to do so. In concept, an Attunement is easy to explain, but difficult to understand. Attunements, are the side effect of a character growing closer, attuning themselves, to a particular facet of existence. Scholars of the Gate of Souls usually divide Attunements into three different types, based roughly on how distant these facets are from the Kin themselves.

While all acknowledge the power of any being that develops an Attunement, the less understood the source of their powers are the more respect (or fear) they are generally granted. It is also true that the less understood an Attunement is the more open it is to interpretation. While one can often tell significant personality traits of a hero if one knows their Attribute Attunements, Aspect Attunements are harder to judge, and Mystic Attunements even more so. However the character interprets it, Attunements come from the personality of the character, and not the other way around. All the favored Attunements that a character begins with must be tied to their character concept or personality in some way. Any non favored Attunements a character wishes to develop, or new favored Attunements acquired through Soul Marks must be justified as well. Learning a few levels of a non-favored Attunement requires less justification than a new favored Attunement, but the requirement is there nonetheless. Each Attunement has it’s own associations listed in it’s description.

Paragons focus on the natural abilities of the kin becoming simply more of what the Kin already are, these powers are the easiest to understand, and in many ways the simplest and most straightforward.

Archons become closer to the Aspects, pieces of the world that have both a tangible presence, and an idealized association. Aspects are both literal and symbolic, their dual and alien natures make them more difficult to understand and join with.

Mystic Attunements occur when a kin embraces more abstract ideals, things that have no solid correlation in the mortal realm, and often require a fundamental shift in point of view.

For special mechanics related to Attunement powers, view the Attunements page.

Attunement Theory

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